Only 38 below

So today here in south west Manitoba, we are waking up to only 22 below ( -29 with windchill), but the sun is up.  A few days ago we had an extreme cold warning for the overnight, but, in the morning that was lifted because it was on -38.  Where else in the world would a cold weather warning be lifted because it was only 38 below?  Years ago, when I used to travel, it was amusing how people in other countries don’t even get the concepts of windchill, hypothermia, frostbite etc.  In England I was always told how +5 was much colder there than -40 is here because they have a “damp| cold.  No idea about the cold actually being able to take your fingers, toes or more due to frostbite (within minutes) or can actually kill you.  But, I guess at least our -40 is not a “damp” cold…..

Guessing that cold be right up there with “snow is so lite and fluffy” – obviously a statement from someone who has not had to shovel a driveway full of it!


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